Keiser Power Rack

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The POWER Rack works by incorporating pneumatic strength columns, which can be attached to the bar, allowing Keiser's patented air technology to be used solely, or in combination with, free weights. This allows for a wide spectrum of training, enhancing power and stability for the athlete. Athletes who have trained on the POWER Rack have seen overall strength gains, better speed, control and explosive power. The POWER Rack is a favorite unit for professional sports teams. Our POWER Rack without Air is also available in these same specs. FEATURESAllows Training at Any Speed, From Controlled to Explosive, for Improved PowerUnique Hybrid Design Combines Pneumatic and Free Weight Resistance to Emphasize Not Only Strength Training But Also Speed and Stability TrainingAll in One System To Accomplish More In Less SpaceCustomizable Workouts For All UsersA Rack to Fit Every NeedDual Displays to Satisfy both User and Trainer   Power DisplayThe Power Display provides both resistance information and repetitions performed in clear 1 inch numbers. The two window displays measure in either one pound or one kilogram increments for single station units and 1/10 pound or 1/10 of a kilogram increments for the infinity series. All displays come with the Keiser eChip system standard. The eChip system is a simple to use electronic workout card that recalls previous workouts and settings and downloads the data easily into a personal computer without wiring or equipment.   Specifikationer:  Längd: 2616 mmBredd:  1854 mmHöjd: 2743 mmVikt: 405 kgMotstånd: 0 – 96 kg

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